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Welcome to the new Be-in Festival Productions website!

We are a grass roots music festival, started in 1988 and continuing to work toward a better community, through music, charity and positive thinking. It's about accentuating the good in everyone, differences are not important, but rather what is underneath. "We are all part of an inter-connected web of existence." We touch each others lives and why not make that a good, positive experience?

The Be-In incorporates the diversity of cultures (and individuals) and brings this out to the public in all the forms we can offer: music, art, literature, philosophy, etc. It shows people that there is another way to live. Another way to Be.

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Site Updates

The next event is just about 1 week away! Click here to see our facebook event.

We have new facebook pages now! Visit here for our main page, and visit Be-in Heaven here for pictures and memories of our members who have passed on.

The 23rd Annual Summer Be-in has passed. Click here for all the info about it.

The new site is live! Click around, and check it out. Email me at if you find broken links or images.

The Photo Gallery is up and showing all the Flyers since 2012, and some photos from the 2012 Summer Be-in, and from 2009. If you have any photo's from our events you'd like to submit, email Be sure to include your name and or website for credit, & the who, what & where about the photo!

The About us and Contact us sections have been updated. Feel free to send your thoughts to

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